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San Pedro Ranch is located in Dimmit County 30 miles South of Carrizo Springs, Texas.  Five different soil types support a variety of wildlife, high-protein shrubs, forbs, and native grasses. The ranch is low fence and offers fair chase hunting opportunities in the winter for trophy and management bucks. The most scientific, state of the art wildlife management practices have given the San Pedro an outstanding reputation for producing some of the highest quality trophy deer in Texas as measured by Boone and Crocket Club.

Photography by D.K. Langford

Visit the San Pedro Ranch, and you will see approximately 300 head of hardy, gentle, registered Beefmaster cattle, genetically selected to thrive in a brittle, sometimes harsh, environment.  Our own San Pedro Beefmaster bulls reflect such distinguished lineage as LBar 5502, Ranger's Pride, Casey, and Nolan Ryan bloodlines. Our heifers descend from cows who have consistently weaned a calf every year – even in difficult drought conditions.

Humane, ethical treatment of animals and conscientious care of the environment is a natural part of our lives at the San Pedro.  Consequently, it was a seamless and logical decision to market our calves through the Grassfed Livestock Alliance.  Because we have selected so heavily for hearty, efficient cattle, our grass fed calves show favorable conversion ratios, high yields, and excellent grades. 

At the San Pedro, we try to make the most of nature’s bounty by practicing holistic management – weighing each decision against the over-arching goal of improved native habitat and a healthier ecosystem.  Please take a minute to browse our website and see why we love helping nature do what she does best.
ranch History:
The San Pedro Ranch was originally a part of an 1812 Spanish Land Grant. Only two other individuals held title to the property before Hugh Fitzsimons Sr., a pioneer in oilfield exploration, purchased the ranch in 1932. Soon after, he replaced the remaining wild Mexican steers and mustangs with a herd of purebred Hereford cattle. Always interested in the most forward thinking management techniques, Mr. Fitzsimons’ son, Hugh Jr., began operating the ranch holistically in 1975. Hugh Jr. realized that utilizing the synergy of the water cycle, plant communities, and rotational grazing lead to a healthier ecosystem, which in turn supported healthier livestock and wildlife. Current owners Joseph Fitzsimons and his sister, Pamela Fitzsimons Howard, continue that practice today. As Joseph attests “My father recognized that over the long term we were in the resource and habitat business; cattle and wildlife are some of the crops. We have an integrated approach to livestock and wildlife management. We go on the philosophy that if we work to maximize native habitat in an ecological approach, then the livestock and wildlife will benefit.”

The San Pedro Ranch represents a unique confluence of resources: geologic, riparian, biologic, herbaceous, and cultural.

The property sits on the southern edge of the Tamolipan and Chihuanhuan biotic Provinces (click here to view map) on top of an ancient sea bed, covered with 5 different soil orders, (click here to view map) 36 different plant communities, (many of which are transitional species) and inhabited over time by 4 distinct cultural groups. It is in the flight corridor of many migrating birds, including the Monarch butterfly and the black chinned and ruby throated hummingbirds. Because of careful attention to environmental conservation, wildlife on the San Pedro Ranch abounds with dove, quail, white-tailed deer, turkey, and other rare species such as the Texas tortoise and the Texas horned lizard. Everything depends on a healthy, diversified ecosystem, which in turn depends upon sustainable management practices.

By choosing management techniques designed to make the most of what nature provides in the South Texas brush country, the San Pedro Ranch (SPR) converts sun, soil, water, plant, and livestock resources, into a valuable food source – helping mother nature do what she does best.

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Partners • Pamela Fitzsimons Howard • Joseph B.C. Fitzsimons
Foreman • Daniel Boone • daniel@sanpedroranch.com
Office: 830-876-2754 • Cell: 830-876-8489 • Fax: 830-876-9297
Secretary • Crissy Boone • crissy@sanpedroranch.com
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