The San Pedro Beefmaster herd serves as a land management tool as well as a source for high quality, palatable beef. They are the “conversion masters”: the catalysts for transforming plant material into an edible, nutritious protein source for a hungry world. Chosen for its adaptability and reliability in the extreme South Texas brush country environment, the original Beefmaster herd came from the well-respected Cage and Denny cattle lineage. They have been genetically selected according to the Beefmaster six essentials (fertility, weight, conformation, hardiness, milk production, and disposition). To compliment the Cage and Denny females, herd sires from Lasater, Casey, Nolan Ryan, Tres Hijos, Frenzel, and our own San Pedro Ranch sires have added adaptability, fertility, strength and conformation to the herd’s genetic mix. These bulls are range hardy and ready to do the work required of them. All cattle are purebred, registered Beefmasters that are DNA typed and enrolled in Whole Herd Reporting through Beefmaster Breeders United.

The San Pedro has always been committed to the principle of selecting for functional efficiency. Mr. Fitzsimons Jr. applied these practices to his Hereford herd with the help of Dr. Jan Bonsma, who visited the ranch on several occasions and assisted in establishing a successful breeding program. In 1992, Mr. Fitzsimons’ son and daughter continued this discipline by combining Dr. Bonsma’s principles of functional efficiency with strict adherence to Tom Lasater’s Six Essentials of Beefmaster breeding. Rigid and ruthless culling has yielded a Beefmaster herd highly adaptive to harsh environments and capable of efficiently converting grass to a well-muscled meat carcass.